Our Resources

Finding reliable sources for pet care and information may be challenging and frustrating, and we are aware of this. For your convenience, we have taken the time to compile a few of our favourite resources.

Parkview Animal Wellness Emergencies

If you face a veterinary emergency during our regular business hours, please call our office so we can prepare for your arrival at 256-574-2155. While we strive to address all emergencies promptly, certain cases might necessitate transfer to a 24/7 critical care facility. For emergencies outside our regular hours, refer to the emergency centers listed below. We strongly recommend calling any emergency center beforehand to confirm their hours and availability.

Parkview Animal Wellness

Huntsville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency
800 Joseph E Lowery Blvd SW
Huntsville AL 35801

Animal Emergency and Critical Care
2112 Memorial Parkway SW
Huntsville AL 35801

VCA Regional Institute for Vet Emergencies and Referrals
2131 Amnicola Highway
Chattanooga, TN 37406

Veterinary Care and Specialty Group
3201 Broad Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

Online Forms

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Our Payment Options

We shall make every effort to maintain a warm and welcoming setting where we can foster a sense of trust between our employees and clients.

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Credit Cards &  All Pet Card
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Wellness Plans
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Pet Insurance
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Wellness Plans

Pet wellness plans are invaluable resources for conscientious pet owners seeking to ensure the overall health and longevity of their beloved companions. These plans offer a proactive and affordable approach to preventive healthcare services, encompassing both basic and comprehensive measures. Basic preventive services may include routine vaccinations, regular health check-ups, and preventive medications.

Wellness Plans Highlights

  • Affordable preventive healthcare services for your pet
  • Include basic as well as comprehensive prevention services
  • Affordable monthly payments
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Whether it’s a routine checkup or emergency surgery, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to get the best medical care for your pet. That’s why we’re pleased to accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card, North America’s leading healthcare financing program. CareCredit lets you say “yes” to the best treatment for your pet immediately, and pay for it over time with monthly payments that fit easily into your budget.

Highlights of the CareCredit Program

  • Extended Payment Plans
  • Interest-Free For 6 Months
  • Quick & Easy Approval
  • Immediate Access to Funds
  • No Annual Fee
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Trupanion Pet Insurance Partnership

At Parkview Animal Hospital, we are excited to announce our partnership with Trupanion Pet Insurance, revolutionizing how pet insurance claims are handled. Trupanion is at the forefront of modernizing pet insurance for the 21st century.

Gone are the days of paying the total vet bill upfront and waiting for reimbursements. With Trupanion, we can process payments directly and instantly at the time of checkout. This seamless approach ensures that your focus remains on your pet’s health, not financial logistics.

Trupanion offers reimagined pet insurance for both dogs and cats. Their robust coverage includes unlimited payouts, ensuring you have access to the best possible veterinary care when your pet needs it the most.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and get a free quote from Trupanion. Experience the peace of mind of knowing your pet’s healthcare needs are covered.

At Parkview Animal Hospital, we’re committed to providing top-tier care for your furry family members, and our partnership with Trupanion is a testament to this commitment.

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All Pet Credit Card Program

At Parkview Animal Hospital, we understand that managing unexpected veterinary expenses can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve partnered with All Pet, a dedicated credit card program designed specifically for pet owners like you.

With the All Pet Credit Card, you can ensure your pets receive the care and supplies they need immediately while allowing you the flexibility to pay over time. This program is exclusively available through participating pet care providers and offers special financing* options. For purchases of $250 or more, you can enjoy six months of special financing with your All Pet Card.

Don’t let financial concerns delay the essential care your pet needs. Prequalifying is quick and easy and won’t affect your credit score. You’ll receive an immediate response so you can make timely decisions about your pet’s health and well-being.

Visit to prequalify now and take the first step towards peace of mind. Your pets are always there for you; the AllPet Card ensures you can be there for them in return.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments are required.